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Dread Central - Interview

Nov 30, 2009

Steve Barton's Interview with Rhodi Hawk for DREAD CENTRAL

Back in September of 2009, a book was published with the intriguing title A Twisted Ladder and with a creepy cover image of a house in New Orleans. This book, a classic example of Southern Gothic literature, is chock-full of the weirdness that makes the South so fascinating: family curses, voodoo, insanity, decaying plantations, “ghosts”, and a female protagonist who is trying to make sense of it all before she succumbs to her family’s penchant for schizophrenia.

In an interesting blend of horror and medical science (neuroplasticity anyone?), first-time author Rhodi Hawk gets it so right. And for fans of A Twisted Ladder (review here), there are many more books about the damned LeBlanc family waiting in the wings.

Dread Central had a chance to chat with Rhodi Hawk in the midst of a whirlwind book tour (which is why the interview is coming so far after the book’s release) and found her passion for Southern Gothic and horror refreshing. Her musical “guilty secret” was fascinating as well (Foggy Mountain Breakdown, anyone?).

Click for the full interview on Dread Central's site.

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