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by Rhodi Hawk

Dr. Madeleine LeBlanc thought she'd finally gotten her life in order.  Daughter of a paranoid schizophrenic, she worked her way through school to become a clinical psychologist.  But when her brother fires a shotgun into his head in a fishing boat out on Bayou Black, his death stirs echoes from a forgotten time. 

Madeleine discovers her family's abandoned sugar plantation along the Mississippi River, and with it a world when the antebellum era was crumbling, and the line between servant and master was starting to fade.

But she also uncovers a pattern of strange and sinister occurrences.  Things that cast shadows of unexplainable phenomena.

But the more Madeleine explores, the deeper she becomes ensnared in a trap.  Her only hope is to face the ghosts of the past, the dangers of the present day, and the twisted ladder that links them together.

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About  "Keep My Skillet Good and Greasy"

The song featured in the historical thread of A Twisted Ladder was first recorded into the Library of Congress collection (public record) by Uncle Dave Macon in 1922.  Listen to the original "Keep My Skillet Good and Greasy" recording on MP3 format.



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